How to order a Personal or Small Business Page

(This should be easier than you might think!)

1. Fill in the contact information in the form below.

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2.) Give us an idea of the general style you would prefer

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3.) Decide how much control you want to have over page design. (and then follow the matching instructions)

a.) Let GAIS control all the details.
b.) I want as much control of the design as possible.
c.) I want some control of the design but wish to leave some of the details to GAIS.

If you selected (a) above then omit part (4.) and skip to part (5.) below.
If you selected (b) or (c) then read all of the sections below, filling in any information that you think we should have. You may want to make a sketch of how you would like your site to look and send it along with any photos to be scanned to GAIS.
Due to the limitations of HTML and current browsers it may not be possible for your site to appear exactly as you might have sketched in all details. In fact your site will look different when viewed through different browsers. We design your site to look best under the most recent version of Netscape since that is what the majority of web surfers currently use. Be assured that when we design a site for you we will use your instructions in combination with our knowledge of web design to provide you with an attractive and functional site. *******************************************************

If you are not sure what to fill in
in any of the following sections
or if you would rather leave those details to us
just leave the field blank.

If we need further info we will contact you.

4.) Choose Your Colors

You may enter the color names, or if you know, them the hex or decimal color codes.

examples:     name - red   or    hex - FF0000    or    decimal - 255, 0, 0

(If you are using Netscape 2.0 or better, you might want to visit this site
to see how different color combinations look.
--Don't forget to use your browser's back button to return here.--
Or use our own COLORRefinery ©.)

Background Color  
Text Color  
Link Color  
Visited Link Color  


5.) Fill in this Fill-In Form Form

Check here if you want the two field standard form (email and message)
which is included in the specials price.
Check here if you will require a custom form. (Click here for available options)
Here for more than one form.

If you are requesting more than one form or you desire a custom form you will have to either provide the details in the text area below , or contact GAIS separately from this form.

6.) Select the links you want on your page.  (if any)

Give the complete URL for each link.
for example:


Additional links $1 each

7.) Image/Icons Selection

If you have any digital public domain images to be used on your page e-mail them to us.

If you have hardcopy images suitable for scanning snail-mail them to us.

List any GAIS images that you want to use here:


Additional images $5 each

8.) Search Engines

If you want a search engine included on your page
choose one from this list of those currently available.

Additional Engines

$5 each

 Infoseek  Yahoo  Alta Vista
 WebCrawler  HotBot  Lycos

9.) Additional Items


 Scrolling Text

$20 Setup

 LED Sign

$75 Setup (includes special effects)

 Nervous Text

$10 Setup

 Java Clock
$10 Setup

CGI Items:

$7.50 each




    Time Zone (required with date or clock)

10.) Any Additional Instructions

Can be sent by entering in the text area below.

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Small additional monthly charges may be added to sites with very high bandwith.
(You only have to worry about this if your site becomes a popular web site with lots of visitors.)

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