General Insructions for Installing

A Perl Script on a UNIX WWW server

First Line
  The very first line (no blank lines allowed either) of the Perl script must point to the location of Perl on the local machine.
It should normally read:
#!/usr/bin/perl           or sometimes
If your local copy of Perl is elsewhere you might find it by typing: "which perl" (w/o the quotes) at your shell prompt.
  If you upload the file to the UNIX machine do it in ASCII or text mode
not in binary mode.
  Make sure that any user definable variables (if any) are correctly set.
Make sure that all file names involved are correct.
Be especially careful that any path and URL variables are correct.
  Place the file(s) in a directory and set the permission to execute the script file.
The command: "chmod 755 filename.ext" (w/o the quotes) should do it.
Set all other permissions on auxiliary files correctly.
The command: "chmod 666 filename.ext" will make "filename.ext" world readable and writeable.
Your System
  Make sure that you have the ability to run CGI and Perl from the directory that you have placed the script in. Note that some systems require the files to be in a cgi-bin directory, Your system administrator, web site host, or local guru should be able to help you determine this.

Hopefully the above information will help you avoid some of the most common errors made when attempting to configure a Perl script on a UNIX based web server. If we missed something, or you have any other comments please let us know.


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